Born and raised in Cache Valley, UT Jeremy has a great love and appreciation for what the valley has to offer. He loves to ski in the mountains during the winter, play on the water during the summer and kick a soccer ball around whenever he has the opportunity. Architecture has become one of his life passions and being a driven person he seeks excellence in all of his work. After spending some time away in a pursuit of architecture, receiving his education at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and spending nearly 5 years in Portland Oregon gaining loads of work experience, he has returned home to live again in the valley.

With over a decade of experience in residential design and owning his own business followed by experience working in architecture offices big and small, He is now a licensed architect and part owner of di’velept design. His passion for making great buildings is matched by his passion for making a great place to work for himself and those he is fortunate enough to work with. When he is not working, you will find him spending time with his wife Stacy and their 4 children, coaching them in soccer, or finding new and exciting ways to have fun together.


di’velept design / Owner, Manager

di’velept got its big start as Jeremy and Jarod Hall teamed up to work on a Self Storage project for a developer that was a mutual friend of the two. After working as DD+V (Jeremy’s entity) in partnership with di’velept design on a number of projects, things where going so well that they decided it was time to merge their practices into one so beginning January 1, 2018 DD+V closed it’s doors and Jeremy officially became part of di’velept design. Since their first partnership to deliver a self-storage facility in Vancouver Washington, the firm has grown to having done work in 7 states and one U.S. territory.

While the people who now make up di’velept have a lot of experience in K-12 School and Higher Education building design, Self-Storage and Multi-Family projects have been a major focus of the firm to date with an interest in breaking back into Educational building design as opportunities arrise.

Having had the experience of working on a giant highschool project while at Bora and now being a part owner in an architecture firm that he hopes will grow over the years, Jeremy has always been pationate about finding ways to streamline the design and documentation processes with the use of BIM and other technologies to manage the incredible complexity that an architecture project becomes, especially among a large team of people with differing skill sets working on a project together.

BORA Architects / Intern - Architect III
SEP. 2014 - FEB 2018 | PORTLAND, OR

Jeremy was hired on at Bora Architects to work on a large high school project that the firm had just won. He started in the early pre-design phases of that project as an un-licensed architectural intern and over the course of the next three years would obtain his architecture license, become a project lead over the athletics facilities design, and then see the project through construction as one of two architects assigned to manage this massively complex $186 Million dollar project throughout the construction administration process. By the end of the project he had advance through the Architect I, and II positions, and emerged as an Architect III (of IV possible experience distinctions). This kind of advancment in such a short period of time is uncommon in the practice.

DD+V / Owner, Manager
SEP. 2014 - JAN. 2018 | HILLSBORO, OR

This entity was formed to allow Jeremy to continue his work in residential design once he moved to Oregon. It was from this entity that he would partner with Jarod Hall of di’velept design in order to deliver his first real commercial architecture project out on his own, a 3 story self-storage facility in Vancouver Washington that would prove to be the true beginnings of what di’vlept design has become today.

The Laport Group / Staff
FEB. 2014 - SEP. 2014 | SLC, UT

Jeremy was hired at The Laport Group because of his technical expertise in BIM Software and having a good design sense. The team he was a part of was brought on to modify and clarify the design and documentation of 3 major Multi-Family developments that where under designed and yet under construction and in need of constant clarification. Working in this high pressure environment to provide answers to design problems in real time became the norm during his time here.

Diamond Phillips / Staff
OCT. 2013 - FEB. 2014 | SLC, UT

Being one of four people in a small design office means that you get a to experience a little bit of every aspect of working on a project. While at Diamond Phillips, Jeremy helped the office put into place some BIM management strategies and efforts to help streamline design and documentation efforts which would prove to be a common thread in all of his work sense.

Envision DS / Owner, Manager

This was a residential home design and drafting sole proprieter company that Jeremy established in order to be able to work with flexibility while attending college and starting his family. It was this experience as a business owner and the ability to work flexibly that gave him the confidence and ability that would eventually lead to his involvement with di’velept.

WORK Experience

University of Utah / M Arch
AUG. 2011 - MAY 2013

Final Studio - Top Honor Award for Architectural Design Excellence
AlphaRhoChi - Medal for outstanding leadership and service in architecture
Phi Eta Sigma - Honor Society

University of Utah / BS Architectural Studies
AUG. 2008 - MAY 2011

Phi Eta Sigma - Honor Society
Dean’s list

Utah State Univeristy / General Studies
JAN 2007 - MAY 2008

Dean’s List



*Mountainside High School
Beaverton, OR
New Construction - $186 Million
342,000 sq. ft. facility

Stilwell Performing Arts - In partnership with GnG Architects
Stilwell, OK
New Construction - Thin Shell Dome

Comanche Athletic Center - In partnership with GnG Architects
Comanche, TX
New Construction - Thin Shell Dome

Higher Education

*MSU School of Music Building
East Lansing, MI
Expansion & Renovation

*UofU Sorenson Arts & Education

Salt Lake City, UT
Building Signage & Donor Recognition Artwork

*WSU Wildcat Store
Ogden, UT
Interior design


VWAR Storage
Vancouver, WA
3 story conditioned Self-Storage facility
w/perimeter unconditioned storage

OLLY Storage
Olympia, WA
3 story conditioned Self-Storage facility
w/perimeter unconditioned storage

P82 Storage
Portland, OR
3 story conditioned Self-Storage facility
w/rentable parking stalls

WACO Storage
Warminster, PA
3 story conditioned Self-Sorage facility
& single level conditioned & unconditioned storage

Storage General - Layton
Layton, UT
Single Story facility w/conditioned and
unconditioned storage including boat and RV Storage

West Valley Storage
West Valley, UT
Single story facility w/conditioned
and unconditioned storage

BROC Storage
Brockton, MA
Adaptive Re-use
Single and double story conditioned storage

NEBE Storage
New Bedford, MA
Adaptive Re-use
Single story conditioned storage


Axioms Townhomes
Salt Lake City, UT
10 home project

Guadalupe Rowhouses
Salt Lake City, UT
13 home project

Guadalupe Condos
Salt Lake City, UT
4 unit Condo Building

V1 Apartments
Logan, UT
64 Unit Apartment Building - Schematic Design

*The Plaza at State Street
Salt Lake City, UT
180 Unit Apartment Building

*Beacon Hill Apartments
Bluffdale, UT
Apartment Complex

*Eastgate Apartments
Price, UT
Apartment Complex

Single Family

Prarie Green
Hernandez Residence
301 Tooele
*U-Home - As Builts
*Voss Residence
*Smith Residence
*Accurate Homes - Collection of House Plans | 2007 - 2015
*Highmark Construction - Collection of House Plans | 2007 - 2016
*Keystone Construction - Collection of House Plans | 2013
*Kirshbaum Residence
*Olsen Residence
*Benson Residence
*Wolford Residence
*Savage Residence
*Parkinson Residence
*Stewart Residence
*Spackman Residence
*Loveless Residence
*Randall Residence
*Clark Residence
*Wilcock Residence
*Sorenson Residence
*Migliori Residence


Redemption Bar and Grille
Heriman, UT
4,000 sq. ft. Bar and Grille w/basement and rooftop terrace

*3Form Health Facility
Salt Lake City, UT

*denotes project experience outside of di’velept design.

Relevant Projects