Thanksgiving is (in my opinion) the best holiday. Mine are always filled with family and food. Two of my favorite things. As of the last couple of years, Thanksgiving also means that di'velept is having an anniversary. It was two years ago on Thanksgiving that things finally all aligned to make di'velept happen. 

The last year has been a kinda big deal for us. We been getting busier every month. This means that we have been able to connect with a lot of really great people.

To help remind us (and let you know) we wanted to write a little post giving you a little update on what we have been up to the last year. We have worked on a couple of small residential remodel projects for some amazing people. We began construction on a new urban infill 4-plex building. It has been so great to see the transformation of a garbage heap into what will be some really great homes. We have also been working on a few different storage projects. We are so excited to be helping bring a little sophistication to the world of Self-Storage.

We feel so grateful for the many wonderful projects that we have been a part of this year and are excited to begin our third year.