So it has been a LOOOONNNGG time since we posted on the blog. It is not because we don’t want to, it is just that things have been super busy around here and the blog often just gets put at the end of the list of things to do.

But we have been working with some pretty cool tech that is just too awesome to not share. We have been help our client visualize space with renderings for years. But lately we have been working with a new rendering engine (tech speak for cool software) that allows us to get better quality is less time. Here are some of the renderings that we have done for the latest townhouse project we have been working on.

If you managed to scroll past those we have one more bonus and super cool thing for you to look. You can click on the link below and wander around the whole project like you are in a video game. It is pretty awesome. The only trick is you have to do this on a computer, NO PHONES OR TABLETS.

The Axioms on Euclid