I have wrote about it before, but I will reiterate, one of my favorite things about being an architect is seeing (or creating) multiple solutions to a given set of constraints. I recently spent a little time working on a little rowhouse project. It was interesting that the first floor of the project has one solution that works decidedly better than anything else I tried. 

But the upstairs... There have been so many potential different layouts. This post is going to go over the process we have went through. I would love to hear you thoughts in the comments below.

This is the first option. We started this project thinking that we wanted two bedrooms on this level. This is plan is the first stab. One nice thing about this plan is that there are virtually no hallways on the upper level. The bedrooms are a great size, but there are some issues. Chief among them is that there is not a second bathroom on this level.

Here is the second iteration. After looking at the plan above we thought it might be possible to add a third bedroom. Again the Master bedroom is on the east side because that is the direction of the best views. The stairs on this option are adjust to the best place on the lower level. One of the issues with this option is that the two bedrooms are too small.

So we decided that it might work well to flip the master bedroom to the other side of the plan. That would give the two bedrooms enough width. We feel this option was working pretty good. All of the boxes are checked. We squeezed in three good sized bedrooms, two baths, a laundry, a fair amount of storage and the laudry.

After this option was done we thought it might be time to take a rest. Then we got an message from our client that said it might be interesting to see if we could do an option with two master suites. Heck yeah it would. And that would probably be a better fit for the target audience.

We think this plan is looking pretty hot (said with a Paris Hilton emphasis (does any even remember who that is?)). We are back to the two bedroom, but are thinking that this layout will appeal to the folks who are looking for some sweet downtown living. I think by the time we are finished these two on-suite bedrooms will really ooze luxury.

What are you thoughts?