In today’s post we are going to talk a little bit about why you should be using virtual reality for your projects. It really all comes down to communication.

Jargon - special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.

Jargon is a communication problem for all kinds of folks. In addition to normal Language jargon Architects also have an additional stumbling block of drawing jargon.

At di’velept we get a bunch of opprotunities to talk with wonderful people. Those people all vary in their ability to look at a floor plan drawing and then be able know how the space is going to look in “their mind's eye”. Most everyone knows that basics, but without pretty expensive experience it is neigh impossible to look at that hallway on plan and know if it is going to feel like it is the right size.

This is why we feel there should be some sort of virtual reality exploration on all the projects we do. That does not always mean that you need to be strapping on a headset to look around your project, although we really love that option. It might just mean that we sit down together and review the 3D computer model. Or it might mean a 360° video walkthrough of your space. This is one of our favorite new technologies. Take a minute to view the video below. You can look around as the video plays, or if you want to look around longer from a specific vantage point you can press pause and continue to look around.

daylight analysis

In addition to just using virtual technologies to double check how things look, we will also help you have a great project by using virtual technologies to make sure work. We wrote a recent post about using computer modeling to calculate the amount of daylight a room is getting and if you need more (or less) windows. Or we wrote this post about using a computer model to catch beams sticking through ceilings long before the ceiling is built.

If you are thinking about a building a new project or remodeling something and leveraging this this technology to make sure your project is the best it can be send us a note.