So.... According to the schedule that I had set out for myself I should be talking about how the design of the Guadalupe condos came to be, but alas, I have been working really hard, so I have not written the marathon post that will be the design post. Next month.

So for this post I am going to jump forward in time (bebo bebo time machine to the present) and give you a current standing of the project. Mostly it is in the hurry-up and wait phase, although the more I learn about the development process the more I realize that is what the whole process can be. We just received comments on the preliminary condo application. They were not severe, so it should not be a big deal to respond. Since we have received those comments our group felt comfortable to get the permit documents finished and turned into the city, hence my busy-ness. Those should go in this week, and then it is more waiting.

One thing that I did get done this week that feels like more of an accomplishment than it should, is the site "coming soon" signs are installed. I feel an absurd amount of pride seeing the divelept logo on an actual job site sign.

We are to a point that we are being to take reservations, so if you or someone you know is interested in living in a pretty great NEW condo that is super close to downtown, please give my partner Matt Strong a call.