Using the latest in technology is an important part of how things are ran here at divelept. Every project we do is done in BIM. Why? Because it helps save our clients time and money during construction.

We have recently received the structural drawings on one of our current projects. In this instance the structural engineer is not using 3d software, so we are left to model the beam and columns. Here is a quick video of the project with only the structural steel showing. Pretty cool huh.

Beam to Window

After looking at the model we have found a number of "oh man"s. Most of them were just move a wall a couple of inches here, move a column a couple of inches there, not really major stuff. In fact, it is down right simple to move those things while the whole project is still in the computer. But it gets a lot more heated when those things need to be moved after they have been built. NOT FUN. Simple things like this beam hanging below the soffit can be are important to catch while everything is still digital. Because this soffit is actually over 100 feet long there might be some knock on effect by just lowering the soffit a couple of inches. 

The additional coordination that happens just by building a computer model of your project is important to a successful construction process. If you are going to build something, insist that your architect is using BIM.