I was recently describing some of the ways that di'velept is different from other firms. One of the main things that we do to differentiate ourselves is our use of technology. A lot of small firms are not known for being up to date on all of the latest trends in tech. We are trying to buck that trend.

Every project that goes through our office is model in 3d. Many of them are hosted on the cloud so that anyone we give access to can see the most up to date drawings at any time. Pretty cool right? Sometimes it feels like star trek over here.

Doing 3d models for every project give us the ability to resolve conflicts during design and helps our clients be able to visualize the spaces we are designing. One of the tools we feel is really helpful is 3D panoramas. Check out this link for an example. 


We love using these images because they allow everyone to be on the same page. Even people who can't make heads or tails of plans can understand these images.

Another technology we love is computer daylight analysis. Does your kitchen have enough windows, or maybe to many? We can you use our technology to see just how much light you can expect, like this image that shows the light distribution in a living kitchen space.

Today's post is super short, but I was just in awe of the technology that I get to use so it was worth a share.