Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I understand its roots as a harvest festival (even if it is a little past the time of year when a harvest festival should be held in Utah) and the traditions have dictated gifts be exchanged (yet). All you really have to do is eat and spend time with people you enjoy. That is a pretty perfect day in my book. This year I have an additional reason to be thankful. 

di'velept is turning 1

It is hard to put a real start date on di’velept. I imagine my story is similar to many new businesses. There is groundwork that is put into place (in my case many months). Getting all of the ‘i’s dotted and  “t”s crossed. Checking numbers and searching for answers. Then at some point a little leap and you are off and running. For di’velept, that leap happened one year ago today. 

I am so lucky to have worked with so many good people over the last 12 months. Hopefully, there will be many more Thanksgiving day posts as I continue to rack up the years.